Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Parting The Seconds

On the 16th of march 2011, a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly at the age of only 33 years old. The shock not only devastated his family, his wife and little daughter that were left behind, but also so many friends who came far and wide to pay their last respects to him. I was at work when a friend of mine called me to tell me the news, so by the time I came home I went upstairs and for an hour straight kept writing until this tune was done. The lyric is pretty self explanatory.

For the demo, please visit my bandcamp page here.

Parting The Seconds

Parting The Seconds ( R.d.G)

How hard it is to think of you
and know that you are gone
How off it feels to know it’s true
and know a line’s been drawn

( Chorus)
I fear my dreams deceive me
how can I stop the rhyme
If we agree to disagree
We might find a way to turn back time
Parting all the seconds
Erase and rewind

How hard it is to trace these shards
and know we must resign
How sad it is as I write these words
Convinced that you’d write mine

( Chorus)

What I’d give for truth to sway
and bring you back again
A price I’d gladly pay
To read words unwritable by pen
To glimpse upon the works of men
To simply hear your voice again

( Solo)

( Chorus to fade)