Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part VI – Shadowplay

Time to dance around the hot coals, time to avoid the urgent phonecalls in the middle of the night, the emotional backlash feared to jump out at you at every corner where you two could meet again…

Shadowplay (previously known as ‘Shady Images’) started life as a 4/4 instrumental track, but eventually found itself being reshaped into quite a quirky track, sporting a 7/8 synth lead section with a ‘bridge’ in 9/8. Quite a proggy tune, it was shelved at the time as I felt it didn’t do much but later revisited when I recorded a track called ‘Symbols’, where the 7/8 lead synth is now used as the ending section. It proved that the piece was still good and I enjoyed recording it immensely 🙂