Setting Up Plans…

PlanA_PlanB finished

The coming weeks are going to be quite hectic, given several things are to be worked out. One is the Sylvium album we’ve been doing a lot of work on and will start recording on this year, the other is Shifting Mirrors.

Before I’m unveiling all of the plans I’m working out, I’m actually trying to work out all the music for the songs, which has me going through all the notes I made over the years along with me listening back to old demo’s to know just what the hell I was playing 😛 Especially that is causing several problems.

Considering I do not read music at all ( although I use an extremely basic system where I annotate the note I am in by a letter with a number above it depicting the amount of clicks that chord is played) I have to relearn the tunes by ear. I do not for instance write my own tabs, which is a bit of a bummer but eventually I should get the hang of it. I rely mostly on my own memory and although guitar wise that isn’t too difficult for me, keyboard wise it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. So the past few days have been spent figuring out chords for ‘Marooned’ and ‘Inches to Fall’ which feature major keyboard parts along with the guitars that I haven’t played for quite a while.

Apart from that, I’m also checking the demo’s for how many tracks I played on them and if I need all of those or if I am still missing parts. For ‘Marooned’ for instance, there is a part where a keyboard solo would come but I never got round to record it. This is the case also for several parts of ‘The Big Fade Away’, whereas with ‘Dodge The Debris’ I’ve stripped the song down at least 4 to 5 tracks. It’s a slow and time consuming process, but at least I’m happy it’s improving the songs before they’re set in stone, so to speak.

The thing to do after, for me at least, is to work out how I want to do the vocal tracks. For some, they’re done and I don’t need to worry about them, but for some other tracks such as ‘Driving With Open Eyes’ for instance, I have several options I can do in regards to different takes, but I’m not going to get ahead of the job yet and see what I have to do first. But all in all, it’s sounding pretty good and I’m quite chuffed about it 🙂