Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part III – Passing Strangers (Further Away)

After the agony comes the inevitable glance back over one’s shoulder, along with the realisation that this whole ordeal has just started…

Passing Strangers (Further Away) (previously known as ‘A Face I Used To Know’) is the only piece in this song that wasn’t heavily rewritten. In fact, only two sentences were slightly changed to fit the music better. Musically, it revolves around a piano piece with some gentle warmpad sounds in the background, before the whole band is brought in during the chorus. The ending is somewhat abrupt, where the piano is faded out over a heavy reverb before heading into the next piece.

Passing Strangers

III: Passing Strangers ( Further Away) ( R.d.G)

Walking away
Shield is getting thin
Our eyes astray
Signalling the pain within

Now there’s nothing left to see
but the image of you walking right past me

( Chorus)
I thought we were so close
But now we’re just further away

Was this love our mirror confrontation
Where you saw me standing
But I just wasn’t the one
Doesn’t really matter
Now we’re passing strangers
Your touch at bay, your love denied
you make me run away and hide…