Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part VIII – None The Wiser

And then she runs off, inexplicably feigning innocence while proclaiming it wasn’t going to work because of you…

None The Wiser ( previously known as ‘Well Thought Through’) was a track that didn’t exist until the rewriting of ‘Shifting Mirrors began. The original piece that sat in place of this piece was an odd instrumental with some choir-like vocals on top, but the original demo was so awful I scrapped the idea entirely and originally planned to have nothing there and just kick in the next part. But the song became quite disjointed after that, as now the ending didn’t seem to fit.

I was quite frustrated and ended up having to cool this by playing some guitar in the garden, where I ended up playing the tune on my 12-string. Absolutely fell in love with it, but originally planned to play this as a separate song at first. However, after having a few listens to the quick demo I made after I had gone over ‘The Big Fade Away’ this idea seemed to work better as it fitted the song a whole lot more than anticipated. The lyric delved into the frustrations of my then ex leaving me when I least expected it, along with the fact that she made it seem as if everything was my fault, whereas I have always been taught that where two lovers argue, two are to be blamed…
None The Wiser
None The Wiser ( R.d.G)

No matter how many years
You keep playing on my fears
As all the things you had to say
Have never really gone away

Was it your way of saying sorry
That things were just not meant to be
Like a lifeboat on an endless sea
You swam to shore and forgot about me

Could have listened
Could have stayed at bay
Could have talked things over
Could have walked away
But I am not to blame
For the things you did to me
You left me none the wiser
When you ran off to be free

Turn and run
But I have so much left to say
A smoking gun
as I saw you turn and run away
You were the one
or so I thought just yesterday

( Instrumental)

( Chorus)


Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part III – Passing Strangers (Further Away)

After the agony comes the inevitable glance back over one’s shoulder, along with the realisation that this whole ordeal has just started…

Passing Strangers (Further Away) (previously known as ‘A Face I Used To Know’) is the only piece in this song that wasn’t heavily rewritten. In fact, only two sentences were slightly changed to fit the music better. Musically, it revolves around a piano piece with some gentle warmpad sounds in the background, before the whole band is brought in during the chorus. The ending is somewhat abrupt, where the piano is faded out over a heavy reverb before heading into the next piece.

Passing Strangers

III: Passing Strangers ( Further Away) ( R.d.G)

Walking away
Shield is getting thin
Our eyes astray
Signalling the pain within

Now there’s nothing left to see
but the image of you walking right past me

( Chorus)
I thought we were so close
But now we’re just further away

Was this love our mirror confrontation
Where you saw me standing
But I just wasn’t the one
Doesn’t really matter
Now we’re passing strangers
Your touch at bay, your love denied
you make me run away and hide…

Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part II – Fade

This is where the heartache becomes heartburn, tearing you apart and leaving nothing in its wake standing…

Quite a harsh song. Whereas originally I was rather calm and exploring the sadness of the broken relationship, with the rewriting I found that I so much anger inside of me that letting it out was the only way. ‘Fade’ ( previously known as ‘Fading Sounds’) begins in a loud fashion, which is a bit of a departure in comparison to the other music on ‘Shifting Mirrors’. It’s the wake up call, sounding in more of the story. This is the exorcism of the agony…

II: Fade ( R.d.G)

Along the lines of something forgotten
I view the scenes that make me cry
Recalling the words you said to me
as I try to figure out the why

Break my spine and throw me away
Deny your faults and live another day
Weep like a child of a wolf to the referee
Until a man to you I’ll never be

( Chorus)
Typed out across the screen
Words left to be seen
Impact imminent for a crash
Holding out against the backlash
These are things for which I’m not made
I’m slowly losing touch, I’m beginning to fade

Along the lines of something old
I see what remains of the past
As no matter how much I try
You made an effort to make it last

Steal my heart, put a knife in the back
Unleash your lies and dodge all the flack
Speak your words and ignore little me
Until I fade from sight to see

( Chorus)

Was I just some entertainment
A quiet fuck you made to crawl
Failing to make an argument
As I stand here against the wall

Tell me why you made me fall…

( Solo)

Along the lines of all I wrote
and all I dared not try
Now with all this honor bestowed on you
Even now, I still don’t know why…

Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part I – Are You Sitting Comfortably

It’s never been about you, it’s always been about her. And now, she’s gone…

When I was 18 years old, I set myself an odd and, in hindsight, a bad challenge: to write an epic song of 20 minutes at least. Whereas normally songs like this feel forced and don’t work because too much is written into it, oddly enough it worked out alright for this one!

‘The Intricate Usage of Fading Sounds’ as this collection of songs was called at the time, used to be a fictional story where I continued the tale of the man I previously wrote about in ‘Marooned’. I felt his story wasn’t over yet and continued it to see where it would take me. At the time, however, I felt the ending part never really justified the rest of the song, so I put this one on ice and waited until I felt the right inspiration.

When I was rewriting the tracks for ‘Shifting Mirrors’, I noticed the now fictional story of a heartbroken man was actually non-fictional, given I was still reeling from never having said my goodbyes to a certain ex girlfriend of mine. You’d suspect a grown up man wouldn’t have need for such a dragging issue, let alone something that had happened several years prior to rewriting these tunes. But now, this ghost has been laid to rest and all that remains is the beauty of the song.

The first part of this track, ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ ( originally known as ‘Comfort Zone’) was a poetic piece about having been replaced by my ex lover,  originally set to this pulsating synth with a drum computer steadily mapping out the song ahead. Its intro however is an acoustic guitar piece that finds itself repeated several times throughout the entire epic as a leitmotif, as if to function as a means of help to the narrator. The song ends abruptly to make way for the second part of ‘The Big Fade Away’. Just the way I like it 🙂


Are You Sitting Comfortably?
I: Are You Sitting Comfortably ( R.d.G)

Seems you’ve made up your mind
Took your knife and stabbed my heart
You sit there and think what to say
Like you would from the start

You’ll say it’s not your fault
And then you’ll try to walk away
You know I won’t believe you
but you don’t care anyway

Tell me
Are you thinking of him?
Are you thinking of me?
Tell me, are you sitting comfortably?

Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Parting The Seconds

On the 16th of march 2011, a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly at the age of only 33 years old. The shock not only devastated his family, his wife and little daughter that were left behind, but also so many friends who came far and wide to pay their last respects to him. I was at work when a friend of mine called me to tell me the news, so by the time I came home I went upstairs and for an hour straight kept writing until this tune was done. The lyric is pretty self explanatory.

For the demo, please visit my bandcamp page here.

Parting The Seconds

Parting The Seconds ( R.d.G)

How hard it is to think of you
and know that you are gone
How off it feels to know it’s true
and know a line’s been drawn

( Chorus)
I fear my dreams deceive me
how can I stop the rhyme
If we agree to disagree
We might find a way to turn back time
Parting all the seconds
Erase and rewind

How hard it is to trace these shards
and know we must resign
How sad it is as I write these words
Convinced that you’d write mine

( Chorus)

What I’d give for truth to sway
and bring you back again
A price I’d gladly pay
To read words unwritable by pen
To glimpse upon the works of men
To simply hear your voice again

( Solo)

( Chorus to fade)

Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Dodge The Debris


Self esteem seems to be a thing I struggle with a lot in my songs, even more so on ‘Shifting Mirrors’. Whether it being in a love related situation, in friendship or simply in the interaction with other folk, I would be the odd one out, doing his best to find ways to ask for help on how to be part of life.

Originally known as ‘Shrapnel’, ‘Dodge the Debris’ is one of the most straight forward songs I have ever written. It didn’t need fancy time signatures or quirky sounding melodies that border on either insane, intelligent or both. This song is all about emotion. The original demo I have was meant to make this a guitar orientated song, but the rewrite I did several years back changed that to a hybrid of guitars and keyboards, making it sound a lot more cohesive and grown up. The lyrics now make a lot more sense that the original ones, which seemed to be some kind of story I conjured up at the time to accompany the music. Right now, it’s a genuine heartfelt request for help.

Dodge The Debris

Dodge The Debris ( R.d.G)

At times all I do is wonder
all the while being torn asunder
Should I really take the floor
or simply shut up and lock the door

Yet all those words you say
and all the things you do
Make up their own way
of how it pulls me through
Please light that spark
and promise that you’ll teach me
to fade away the dark
so that I can dodge the debris

I’m fading out this world of mine
in search of something more benign
I’m trying to hard to gain control
yet this structure fails as a whole


Here it comes to collide
feel it embrace me, arms open wide
this is not what I need
how do I avoid this full stampede


At times all I do is wonder
all the while being pulled under
Will I ever gain control