Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part II – Fade

This is where the heartache becomes heartburn, tearing you apart and leaving nothing in its wake standing…

Quite a harsh song. Whereas originally I was rather calm and exploring the sadness of the broken relationship, with the rewriting I found that I so much anger inside of me that letting it out was the only way. ‘Fade’ ( previously known as ‘Fading Sounds’) begins in a loud fashion, which is a bit of a departure in comparison to the other music on ‘Shifting Mirrors’. It’s the wake up call, sounding in more of the story. This is the exorcism of the agony…

II: Fade ( R.d.G)

Along the lines of something forgotten
I view the scenes that make me cry
Recalling the words you said to me
as I try to figure out the why

Break my spine and throw me away
Deny your faults and live another day
Weep like a child of a wolf to the referee
Until a man to you I’ll never be

( Chorus)
Typed out across the screen
Words left to be seen
Impact imminent for a crash
Holding out against the backlash
These are things for which I’m not made
I’m slowly losing touch, I’m beginning to fade

Along the lines of something old
I see what remains of the past
As no matter how much I try
You made an effort to make it last

Steal my heart, put a knife in the back
Unleash your lies and dodge all the flack
Speak your words and ignore little me
Until I fade from sight to see

( Chorus)

Was I just some entertainment
A quiet fuck you made to crawl
Failing to make an argument
As I stand here against the wall

Tell me why you made me fall…

( Solo)

Along the lines of all I wrote
and all I dared not try
Now with all this honor bestowed on you
Even now, I still don’t know why…