Ending Theme or A New Years Resolution For 2016

RdG live 2015

2015 was a difficult year. One that brought many good things and several challenges I still need to overcome.

No job still, despite a couple of hours a day on the bus for a transport company picking up mail. No extra hours in the long run, so not the perfect solution. Not by a longshot. And it’s depressing the hell out of me at times, although I am still going on and refuse to quit.

2015, however, was also a great musical year. The release of Sylvium’s “Waiting For The Noise” in March was an exceptional piece to work on with the band and we’ve jumped in with great response. We’ve met many superbly great people and I can safely say that all of you lovely people made it even better than it already was. Thank you for that 🙂

In the meantime we’ve been writing new material, that we’ll be working out in the new year for our third release. To say we’re excited to begin work on this would be an understatement!

As for Ghost, I’m working hard on “Shifting Mirrors” so all I can say is: watch this space. 😉

2014 was a crap year, and although 2015 was difficult, it was also beautiful, full of love and great music. Here’s to a beautiful, musical, full of love, full of peace and an amazing 2016. Be well!