Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part IX – Momentary Imbalance

She’s gone far away from you, but she’s always close to you, no matter where you’re at. You just can’t get her out of your head and it’s showing every place you go…

After having finished writing ‘None The Wiser’, I felt I needed a bridge before bringing the whole thing to a close. Originally, ‘Momentary Imbalance’ ( previously known as ‘Stay The Course’) was this extremely heavy piece that went on for at least four minutes, but that didn’t do anything, plus it didn’t fit the song that would come after. However, the aggressive start was kept and instead the song became an ambient track with a wailing guitar in the back not unlike David Gilmour. The track itself is more akin to Porcupine Tree in style though. Also originally intended to have lyrics on it, those were scrapped when realising the track didn’t need them.
Momentary Imbalance


Shifting Mirrors teaser: The Big Fade Away part IV: Panic Light

The first instrumental in the lot of pieces, Panic Light ( original working title: Rabbit in your Headlights) originally consisted of a simple melody being repeated over a 6/8 time signature. When I reviewed the demo’s after all that time, I noticed it didn’t do anything for me. It had a promise though, so I ended up rewriting the piece with a 7/8 time signature and a lot more instrumentation backing the whole piece up, featuring several solo’s including a synth solo! It now also fits perfectly with Part V – Fall. Couldn’t be happier with it 🙂

Panic Light