Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part X – Poles Apart

And suddenly, you open your eyes… finding out what it was really like. And realising that it was never going to work… 

It hurts…

Originally this wasn’t even about a real person, but some figment of my imagination I had conjured up sometime during highschool. The doodles I still have in my lyric archive are dating back to when I was 17, just prior to me challenging myself to writing proper music.

‘Poles Apart’ ( previously known as ‘Different Levels’) was a difficult song to write, probably the hardest after ‘Parting The Seconds’. The original ending of the epic ‘The Big Fade Away’ was titled ‘Running Out Of Time’ and apart from shoddy lyrics, featured nothing really new that added to the song. Although several parts of ‘The Big Fade Away’ were great in their own right, together the piece didn’t work and thus remained in a directory hidden away on my computer for several years.

When rewriting this tune, the lyric was scrapped with much delight. By now, ten years had passed and enabled me to silence a particular ghost of my past that haunted me for several years. Whereas the original track was all about fast guitars, washes of keyboards and thundering bass, the track now is much more laid back, featuring acoustic twelve string guitar and mandolin. The track meanders through in a steady 3/4 rhythm, while the lyrics slowly but steadily deal with the past permanently.


Poles Apart

Poles Apart ( R.d.G)

In sad contemplation
of a heart that broke
I reviewed all the pieces
as you silently went rogue

Now back to the day
when you worked out the rhyme
You said all your farewells
but admitted no crime

( Chorus)
I’m caught punching holes here
into the sky
And I’m fading out slowly
to all questions why
I thought I was sane now
but I’m missing my heart
I should’ve known better
we were poles apart

so sad that you left me
did the air make you choke
your ways unexplainable
your trust was a joke

just like a fleeting image
like a missile astray
too easy to blame me
as you slowly walked away

( Chorus)

( Solo)

And now here in hindsight
the heart that you broke
lies mended before you
then goes up in smoke

To think you once loved me                                        to think that you did
To think we once kissed                                                 just doesn’t make sense
Just goes to prove                                                           I’ve shut all the doors
happy endings don’t exist                                            now live in past tense

( Chorus to fade)


Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Marooned

All seems fair in love and war, but the minute you’re on the short end, all you feel is the agony of being trapped on an island in the middle of an endless sea, where nobody can hear you…

To be honest, I never knew why I wrote this.  The lyric popped in my head years back and was worked out after I had recorded a fairly long and epic demo called ‘Below The Belly of the Beast’. I quickly moved on writing different tunes, but when revisiting this project for its penultimate recording, I found that the song had held itself adrift, not unlike a man clutching tightly to the driftwood in order not to drown. Rewriting did commence, but not as a heavily as I did with ‘Driving With Open Eyes’. I think I only added a bit of lyrics that comes after the instrumental break in the middle of the song. Lyrically, this is where we feel we’re taken to when a relationship bites the dust in a fairly spectacular way.
Songwise, this track shifts from a pop tune, to a full blown progressive rock theme in the instrumental middle part, with several sections and several time signatures and tempo changes. The vocals come back at the end when the whole song just explodes into the fairly bombastic tune. One of my favorites, truth be told!


Pyle_pirate_marooned1edit finished

Marooned ( R.d.G)

Please take my hand
and don’t let me fall
I feel so lost now
can’t take another hit at all

I’ve watched you running
running from me
was there no other way
a way for you to see

( Chorus)
I feel marooned
Standing on the edges of the threshold
I am marooned
Washed upon a lonely shore
Too long forgotten to be remembered anymore

can’t you hear what I’m saying
Can’t you hear me at all
I feel I’m losing you
I feel I’m beginning to fall

I see you standing at the brink
your back towards me now
Would you please talk to me
Don’t force me to take a bow

( Chorus)

( Instrumental)

Drawing lines in the sand
with feet here in the water
Trying to find words to say
but knowing I would only falter

Explaining the correctness
silent politics to none at all
You foil my plans to get you back
Please hear my call

I moved away into the fog
to see you dancing into shifting mirrors…

( Repeat to fade)