Shifting Mirrors: Prologue to a project of dreams

Prologue to a project of Dreams - Ghost

This is the most daunting project I have ever undertaken and one I take extremely serious, as this is the first ever professional release of my music that will be known as “Shifting Mirrors”. For this, I will require help. Help from awesome people like you. Yes, dear reader, I mean you!

Very soon, once all the details have been worked out and everything is put in place for this project, I will reveal how you can help with this to make it a success. That doesn’t mean I will leave you in the dark, so let me light a candle and show you some of the things I will definitely include on the album.

“Shifting Mirrors” will feature six songs, namely:

( in random order)

Driving With Open Eyes
Inches To Fall
The Big Fade Away
Dodge The Debris
Parting The Seconds

This doesn’t seem like much for a full album release, but Marooned clocks in at 10 minutes and The Big Fade Away at 26 minutes!

On top of this, I am planning to record a set of 10 covers of songs that I have a great fondness for. Which songs these are, will be revealed in time.

If you’re already interested in hearing some of my tracks, head over to my bandcamp page, where you can find the instrumental demo for Marooned and the demo for Parting The Seconds.

Another thing I plan to do, is regularly update this blog and my Youtube page, to keep you informed on all the cool things I have in store, so watch this space!