2017 – Foreclosure of the Past

This morning I said to myself while staring into the mirror: “2017, we should stop meeting this way…” before realizing it was the 31st of December. And that sums up 2017 pretty well for me.

Despite the hardships of losing my relationship of two and a half years, losing friends as well as enduring unemployment, there have been good moments and I cling onto those fiercely. And it made me see that I should apply that fierceness to pretty much anything that crosses my path.

I’ll deal with my demons one by one, starting freshly in January. I know it won’t be easy and I am aware I will most likely fail on occasion. But there is no other alternative; I can’t and refuse to quit. This is one new years resolution I intend to make and keep.

2017, you’re history. You can move over now while I fully intend to embrace 2018.