Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away Part VII – Falter

And finally, you break. You give in to the pain. You lose even though you have already lost her before. And everything starts to make sense when you least expect it…

The bittersweet moment when you realise the whole affair was going to collapse, is also one of release in a certain way. Doesn’t make it easier though. Falter ( previously known as ‘Sentimental’) was intended as an instrumental piece, but in the end I ended up writing the lyrics and cut half of the song off as it didn’t add anything to the structure. Right now, it’s a stripped bare emotional melody of a piano accompanied by acoustic guitar, before the song ventures back into the leitmotif of The Big Fade Away.


Falter ( R.d.G)

I thought I knew heartbreak
Thought I knew the deal
But now I’m wide awake
in a moment so surreal

Shaped like a crashing wave
with the intention to alter
your sudden resignation
Something I cannot counter
You’ve made me fade, fall and falter…


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