Shifting Mirrors Teaser: The Big Fade Away part V: Fall

Flashbacks aren’t something I enjoy a lot, as they tend to take me back to moments I would rather forget and move on from. Fall ( previously known under the working title of ‘The Drop’) is about how two souls met and connected. Albeit a short lyric ( and not to mention a short song), it fits the mood of the flashback perfectly, allowing a momentary glimpse into my personal life before fading out entirely into the next track.

Fall ( R.d.G)

Sultry voice and pretty eyes
keep staring into darkened skies
Thrashing loud whilst now at large
he prays in silence for her to charge

Making moves, placing their piece
A nod, a wink, a slow release
There’s so much here for her to take
All the memories they’ll never shake

A mind on fire, his thoughts astray
Refusal won’t turn him away
Hands entwined, spirits uptight
there’ll be no sleep in here tonight

( Solo)

Flashing lights, the cracks resound
The foundations of life on unsolid ground

No solution will be found…


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