Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Dodge The Debris


Self esteem seems to be a thing I struggle with a lot in my songs, even more so on ‘Shifting Mirrors’. Whether it being in a love related situation, in friendship or simply in the interaction with other folk, I would be the odd one out, doing his best to find ways to ask for help on how to be part of life.

Originally known as ‘Shrapnel’, ‘Dodge the Debris’ is one of the most straight forward songs I have ever written. It didn’t need fancy time signatures or quirky sounding melodies that border on either insane, intelligent or both. This song is all about emotion. The original demo I have was meant to make this a guitar orientated song, but the rewrite I did several years back changed that to a hybrid of guitars and keyboards, making it sound a lot more cohesive and grown up. The lyrics now make a lot more sense that the original ones, which seemed to be some kind of story I conjured up at the time to accompany the music. Right now, it’s a genuine heartfelt request for help.

Dodge The Debris

Dodge The Debris ( R.d.G)

At times all I do is wonder
all the while being torn asunder
Should I really take the floor
or simply shut up and lock the door

Yet all those words you say
and all the things you do
Make up their own way
of how it pulls me through
Please light that spark
and promise that you’ll teach me
to fade away the dark
so that I can dodge the debris

I’m fading out this world of mine
in search of something more benign
I’m trying to hard to gain control
yet this structure fails as a whole


Here it comes to collide
feel it embrace me, arms open wide
this is not what I need
how do I avoid this full stampede


At times all I do is wonder
all the while being pulled under
Will I ever gain control




2 thoughts on “Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Dodge The Debris

  1. Awesome lyrics! I love these posts, it is so beautiful to read your lyrics and see a little into who you are. Hope you feel a little more part of things than you did when you wrote this song. Everyone struggles, in that we can be together. *hugs*

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