Shifting Mirrors Teaser: Driving With Open Eyes

Nobody is objective when they face their darkest issues, yet at the same time deep down we know something’s wrong. We only look away because we’re afraid of what we’ll see, the darkness staring right back at us.

Originally known as ‘Life As We Know It’, when I first wrote this song, the issue that I had with it was that although it was a great track, it lacked spirit. Still, it was the first song I ever recorded, even in a professional studio. But over the years I grew tired of the song missing something, so after taking to my pen, I changed most of the layout and instead of a steady rock tune ( with blues undertones), the song went into this guitar driven new wave-ish track with prog influences. Although the song is in 4/4, the guitars and keyboards life the melody up, with the vocals sounding quite haunting. Lyrically, it’s about knowing that whatever you’re doing is wrong; and still you carry on, because it’s all you know to do…

the-human-eyeedit bw old txt

Driving With Open Eyes ( R.d.G)

Down the road there’s nothing new
Objects sliding into view
Never sure if you’ll arrive
So you shift straight into overdrive

Punching holes here in the sky
But never really knowing why
While all this time you remain unheard
In a world that seems so absurd

And here along the ride
Pretending the dig yields only surprise
It shows you the senselessness
When you’re driving with open eyes

This innocence is nothing new
As you’re sliding right there past the pew
All that’s distant rushes past
You’ve been too slow, the die is cast

Turning tables to make you see
That one and one too much make three
Here’s hoping that you’ll trust the guide
Instead of all the times you defied

Here out in the open
weaving tales out of all the lies
It shows you the senselessness
Of driving with open eyes

(Chorus to fade)


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