Inspiration Bug And How NOT to repel it…

It’s been quite a busy time for me, job hunting, family related issues and whatnot and, of course, songwriting. Especially the latter since a couple of days.

After finishing up on writing the songs for ‘Shifting Mirrors’, I encountered a dry season with regards to songwriting and simply just sat back and decided to wait for it to return. It always did before whenever dry season would come in sight. That was at the end of 2011.

*cricket noise*

Not counting the lyrics I wrote for Sylvium’s “The Gift of Anxiety’, that’s a lot of work I didn’t do. As for the songs that I wrote for Nur Amata when I joined them early 2012, those had already been written prior to me joining the band. So all in all, it was quite a bit of a quiet period. Truth be told, I didn’t really mind it, I just had other things to take care of back then. Besides, I find that rushing any songwriting that I do screws over the song.

Yet now, I am staring at a notebook with scribblings and scratchings not unlike a painting in the making, be it of course not a visual spectacle but one that will hopefully be enjoyable to your ears.
The first song is one I’ve been working on for Sylvium and am quite badly due to record/work out, as it’s a bit fragmented so far with regards to the pieces. A song in Drop D tuning with 4/4, 6/8, 7/8 and 11/8 time signatures. No lyrics so far, just a fairly mad piece of music that goes by the working title of ‘Coraline’. Incidently, I have never been able to finish a piece of work by Neil Gaiman due to lack of time ( and also because I still have at least thirty odd books or so to finish before I begin new ones, so no bickering! πŸ˜‰ )
The second song is a piece for Nur Amata that I worked out in Drop G tuning ( after having found out I was mistakenly calling that Drop A tuning). Although the strings on the guitar were quite floppy, I did enjoy playing it. However, the tuning is now back to standard E in 6/8 as it made playing it a whole lot easier and sounded better than having a string sounding floppy ( if that is a proper term for describing strings not wound tight enough!). The lyrics I have so far are only scribbles that seemed to be about disappointment, so the working title for now Β is ‘Hollow’.
The third and final song is another piece for Nur Amata revolving more around a standard E tuning ( although I could play it on Drop D as well I found out later) in 4/4. Much more poprock than anything else I’ve written, but with guitar sounds I normally don’t use for Ghost. I have no lyrics for it yet, but found myself mumbling incoherently about driving while playing the bridge part, so it’s working title for now is ‘Keep Driving’. πŸ˜›

So right now, I’m just thrilled this has worked out. I’ll work out recordings later this week or perhaps next week if time proves too elusive ( which it very well may be!). There are band rehearsals later this week, so at least I’ll be able to play them some things on guitar/synthesizer and perhaps work out these songs even better. Given that Nur Amata is in full writing mode with several songs, I’m psyched!

songwriting bug