Out Of The Blue…

Sometimes, life is all about getting kicked in the shins by Murphy, as he looms over you after you’ve keeled over, shaking his head in disapproval before walking away without ever explaining why. The past two weeks were not of a good kind, due to a variety of things that I won’t go into detail about; all I can say is that the situation is being contained and monitored properly. It’ll work out and that will do.

But today, that was different. No Murphy, no crap happening, nothing. Just a phone call from Ben, Sylvium’s guitarist, asking me if I were available this coming friday for performing as support act for Haken in Oberhausen, Germany.

It took a bit of tinkering with all my plans ( and mind you, I’m still not done figuring out logistics and whatnot) but so far, the board is green and we’re scheduled to perform with Haken. Just wow. I cannot believe the luck we’ve had with this chance, as they are without a doubt the hottest progressive metal band in Europe at the moment. To open op a show for them is a dream come true!

So right now, I’m working out logistics, as this weekend I’ll also be camping with friends as I always do when my birthday nears. Both events will occur, it just means a bit more driving is involved and after the weekend, I’ll be royally knackered. It’ll be worth it though!

Also, I was pointed out today that on Progwereld ( a superb Dutch review website on progressive rock & metal releases) in their top 20 best releases of this year, we’ve come in at #17 with ‘The Gift of Anxiety’. I am just still stunned because of this news, but in a most positive way! So tonight, once my logistical planning is over, I’m having a beer. Slainthe Mhath!

Wereldse 10


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