Sylvium album: The Gift of Anxiety

The official release date for Sylvium’s first album: The Gift of Anxiety, is September 13th 2013.

Sylvium: the Gift of Anxiety

However, record label Freia Music is offering the option of a pre-order at a reduced price. You can choose to have it sent to you after its release, or pick it up at the CD presentation on the 13th of September at Parktheater, Alphen a/d Rijn. Tickets are available here. Sylvium will be playing alongside The Aurora Project and main act Galahad.

Apart from that, Freia Music is also offering the  limited option to order all Sylvium’s music at once.

Sylvium catalog

Dutch music store Free-Record Shop and online multi-store are also offering the new Sylvium album.

I have been absolutely blown away, but definitely in the best way ever. The Sylvium mixes landed themselves in my mailbox and blew up my speakers. Hell yea, this sounds superb! Can’t wait to get this out to you all!


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