Another beginning: Sylvium (the Gift of Anxiety)

Sylvium, Dutch prog rock band

Progdreams II came and went on the 19th of may 2013, a pleasant little festival that brought me Beardfish, District 97, Spock’s Beard and Sound of Contact. All amazing bands that played my socks off that night and put a big smile on my face.

That night, through a mutual friend, I met Wouter. Wouter was this friendly and enthusiastic progrock lover with whom I had a great chat about our favorite music. After my friend suggested I send him some of my music sometime, we exchanged our names on Facebook and later that night after I came home, I sent him the link to my Bandcamp page.

He brought me in contact with Ben van Gastel, a guitarist living in the west of Holland and before I knew it, Ben sent me a message saying he was impressed with how I sang and wanted to see if we could collaborate on a song for his band Sylvium, who were busy at the time recording an album. After a couple of drinks and discussing where this could lead, we decided to take a dive and see what we could come up with.

The songs had already been written, but since Sylvium was without a vocalist, I was free to write whatever I felt fitted the concept of fear. ‘Weathering’ was the first one finished and after recording a demo take of my vocals at my home, the band became more enthusiastic than I had anticipated. Eventually the idea to have another song with vocals came up, which became ‘Surround’.

Although intended to be only a collaboration, the band was extremely pleased with how both songs came out and how the band sounded with two guitarists and added me to their lineup. Right now, as I write this, I am in the process of working out what parts to play, programming my effects unit and getting some extra equipment that I need for gigging. I’m certainly quite excited that our first gig will be on the 13th of september in Alphen a/d Rijn, as we play next to The Aurora Project and Galahad. It’s going to be blast 🙂

Galahad, Sylvium, The Aurora Project, prog rock concert poster


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